Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hi, I'm Ed

Let me introduce someone to you.   His name is Ed.  He has been my best friend since I attended Edscape 2012 in October here at NMHS.  We have gotten to know each other very well and my classes seem to like him as well.

Ed is a great asset to all my classes.  He helps the students with their homework and their studying endeavors  .  Ed provides reminders as to when assignments are due and when tests are coming up.  He also relays messages to me from students.  He shows videos that I have made to my classes so that they can review.  He even flipped my class last week on Digital Learning Day.  What a guy!

Ed collects homework from my classes and checks it.  He gives them a grade and feedback as to what they did wrong.  Ed saves all the homework that was to be turned in.  This way when a student is absent or falls behind in class, Ed can help them out.  Also Ed is "techie."  Whenever he needs to tell everyone something, he sends them a text or a notification through their smart phone.  And he always waits until after school is over at 3 so this way he doesn't interrupt any one else's class.

Ed is also a big help to me.  He files everything away according to subject or class.  He shows me everyone's homework and keeps a record of it.  This way if I forget to include someone's homework into their grade, Ed can show me what the student was supposed to have.  Ed is organized and easy to talk to.  I can talk to him in school, after school, or even on the weekends.  He is always available to me.

Now if you haven't figured out by now, I personified www.edomodo.com.  It is a website which I call "Facebook for school."  What I can do with it is assign homework, upload images and videos, and send out announcements or reminders.  I have students submit their homework through it so I can provide feedback.  I even had a class take an online quiz through it.  Ever since I implemented edmodo in the fall, I've noticed a significant increase in student engagement.  I use it for all my classes and even run a HSPA prep through it for Juniors.

If you don't use it in your classes or don't know what it is, check it out when you get a chance.  Start off small when using it.  Then learn as you go.  Don't expect to do major assignments through it right away.  Take your time.  And don't be afraid of failing.  If something doesn't work, try doing it differently.  Failure is not an ending, it's a beginning.

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